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hi there,

I am going through trying to automate some of our work and I can't find where I can pull a list of CVEs that are current or remediated. I can get high level information such as the below, but no where in the API reference does it have where I can export all the relevant details around targets + cve's.

"results": [
"id": 1789431,
"severity": "Critical",
"title": "Vulnerable Apache Log4j Version",
"description": "The version of Apache Log4j installed on the host contains known security weaknesses which could be used to compromise the system or affect its availability. Apache Log4j is an open-source logging utility.\r\n\r\nFor further information on specific vulnerabilities affecting the installed version of software, please see the details pane against each row in the occurrences table below. ",
"remediation": "Upgrade the version of Apache Log4j in use to the latest available supported version. \r\n\r\nFor more information on security vulnerabilities affecting Log4j, please see Apache's security page:\r\n- Log4j 2.x\r\n- Log4j 1.x",
"snoozed": true,
"snooze_reason": "ACCEPT_RISK",
"snooze_until": null,
"occurrences": "https://api.intruder.io/v1/issues/1789431/occurrences/"