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Help me out in selecting Best Biography Writing Service!

I was recently scrolling over the internet while searching for a [Autobiography writers in the UK](https://www.biographywriter.co.uk/) about biography writing, then I suddenly found a great biography writers website Now I wanted to get some reviews from you guys about it whether its best for me or not? <br>

Report export on Power BI or Azure API

Hello team, Is there any way to automate the report exporting through Power BI or Azure API, if possible then we can save lot of time to visit the portal daily basis for report export.

Report Exporting

I would like to be able to export a report via the API. Equally happy to download the report or provide an email address for the report to be sent to Is this something that will be added?

Add cloud account via API

I would like to be able to register a new cloud account via the API - if this is possible, it doesn't seem to be documented. Could you advise if this is there but undocumented, on the roadmap, or not planned please? Use case: we will be creating AWS workload accounts on demand using Account Factory for Terraform, and I'd like these to be automatically integrated into intruder.io. We already create the necessary IAM role on creation.

API Data Pull

hi there, I am going through trying to automate some of our work and I can't find where I can pull a list of CVEs that are current or remediated. I can get high level information such as the below, but no where in the API reference does it have where I can export all the relevant details around targets + cve's. "results": [ { "id": 1789431, "severity": "Critical", "title": "Vulnerable Apache Log4j Version", "description": "The version of Apache Log4j installed on the host contains known security weaknesses which could be used to compromise the system or affect its availability. Apache Log4j is an open-source logging utility.\r\n\r\nFor further information on specific vulnerabilities affecting the installed version of software, please see the details pane against each row in the occurrences table below. ", "remediation": "Upgrade the version of Apache Log4j in use to the latest available supported version. \r\n\r\nFor more information on security vulnerabilities affecting Log4j, please see Apache's security page:\r\n- [Log4j 2.x](https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/security.html)\r\n- [Log4j 1.x](https://logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2/)", "snoozed": true, "snooze_reason": "ACCEPT_RISK", "snooze_until": null, "occurrences": "https://api.intruder.io/v1/issues/1789431/occurrences/" },